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Why your next website SHOULDN’T be perfect.

I can tell you now, this blog post isn’t going to be perfect. Hopefully, it’s not going to be littered with spelling mistakes, or grammatical errors, but it’s definitely not going to be perfect. I’m going to make it AS GOOD AS I CAN in the time I’ve allowed myself to write it – get my point across, and most importantly – it’s going to be published. 

So why shouldn’t your next website be perfect? Because often “perfect” gets in the way of “finished”. Published. Online. Out there. For your customers to see. 

But you should be aiming for perfection, right? Is this just my way of saying you shouldn’t expect too much from your next website? Actually, it’s just the opposite. You should expect a lot more from your next website – but that’s a whole different blog post (stay tuned for that one). And I’m not saying your next website shouldn’t be great – it should. But it should also be out there, working hard for you, as soon as possible.  

Your new website should be as good as you can get it, in the time you need to launch it. Of course, everything should work, that goes without saying. But don’t delay it in the name of perfection, tweaking an element here, and an element there before committing to your launch. If you’re uncertain whether you should “go live” sooner rather than later, ask yourself these two questions… 

  1. Is it BETTER than my current site?
  2. Does it FIX the problems I have with my current site? 

If the answer to both those questions is yes, then “pull the trigger” and get it out there.

Once it’s up, you can improve, change and refine to your heart’s content. Or ‘iterate’ as the young bucks like to say. It’s not like your old printed brochure – where you’re stuck with the images you chose, or the copy you wrote (hopefully correctly). NOW you can, and should, aim for perfection, polishing, honing, and making it as good as it can be (or get someone to do that for you).  

While your new site might be a step change for you – either a significant evolution of your current online presence or a complete revolution (if it’s part of a brand relaunch, for instance) – once it’s up, think of it as a constant “work in progress”. Luckily, today’s “Content Management Systems” (CMS) make that task much easier than ever. Again, another post for another day!

This post was inspired by a podcast by marketing guru Seth Godin about perfection, and how it can get in the way of actually delivering your content. It’s well worth a listen, here’s the link: https://play.acast.com/s/akimbo/thepursuitofperfection

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