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WTF is a CRM System? And Why do YOU Need One?

To put it simply; an effective CRM System may just be one of your biggest assets (After your brand, of course).

First things first, though. CRM stands for “Customer Relationship Management” …which in itself may be enough to put you off. But it shouldn’t. Simply put, if you put your customers, and potential customers front and central, it will lead to more business for you.

Like harnessing the power of branding, Customer Relationship Management is another case where smaller businesses can take a leaf out of what large corporates are doing, and learn how to make their sales marketing process more effective.

We all know the value of keeping in touch with people. When you’re customers are ready to buy, you need to be the first person they think of. A good CRM system can make this much easier to manage.  Without a CRM system, it’s almost impossible to focus on your customers properly.

A great CRM system can do so much more than give you an overview of your customers. It allows you to really understand them. Once you understand what motivates your different customers you can segment your audience, and talk to them in the way that resonates best with them.

The best CRM systems will integrate fully with both your email and your Social Media posts… and turn them into easily trackable sales opportunities.

With a little bit of strategic planning, and a little effort setting it up properly, a good CRM system will virtually run itself, automating your marketing process.

Does all of this still sound a bit complicated? The good news is, feel uncomfortable with the strategy and set-up, but you want to reap the benefits of a first-class CRM system I can help you with all of that. Drop me a line, here.


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