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Coherent Creative Blog 2020 Vision

Hindsight is 2020 Vision

NINE things I learned during ONE tough year.

No one will deny 2020 has been a challenging year for most of us. But in adversity, many of us have found new strengths, and new ways of doing things. I wanted to share some of the things I’ve learned this year. Hopefully, there are some insights that may be helpful for others.


  1. Be Flexible

If there is one conversation I’ve had multiple times this year, it’s how everybody had such high hopes going into 2020. Big plans. 2020 was the year that things were going to happen.

Well, they did, but just not in the way we all expected. Plans went out the window, and business had to adapt to survive.


  1. Try Something New

Part of being flexible, I suppose. Learn new skills, and hone existing ones… One upside of downtime is that I can learn something useful, that expands my skill-set. Whether it’s a YouTube tutorial, or a paid course, everything counts.

Case in point; On the last day of 2020, I posted my first LinkedIn Carousel* (a version of this post).


  1. Go The Extra Mile

I like to think I’ve always tried to do this, but this year it’s become more important than ever. Do what is asked of you, and then some.

Surprise and delight your customers, and they will come back for more.


  1. Focus

Working from home can be a mixed blessing. Focus can be hard to maintain – there are often lots of distractions – and excuses, especially if you have a family and childcare to add in to the equation.

One upside is I can set my own routine. Working when best fits in to my most productive and creative time of day – But when I am working, FOCUS!


  1. Connect

It’s easy, when I’m not in an office environment to become isolated. No colleague sitting across the desk from me. No banter at the coffee machine.

I’ve had to make a positive effort to stay connected with colleagues – and clients, old and new. And it’s been worth it, every single time. If we’ve chatted this year, thank you. If we haven’t… let’s!


  1. Stay Positive

Not easy, with the constant drip, drip, drip of bad news. This year, I’ve gone on a ‘news diet’ – and while I’ve seen people advocating not watching the news at all – I find that’s impracticable. I need to stay informed, so I can adapt – but the 24hour news cycle can get depressing. I now limit my news exposure to just once a day, and listen to more positive things (mainly music radio, Spotify & inspiring podcasts).


  1. Look after No.1

During every single airline safety drill, they always tell you to secure your own oxygen mask first. Because if you don’t, you can’t help others. I’ve found out the hard way if you don’t take care of yourself, you can burn out. Take breaks. Do some excercise. Eat healthily. Look after yourself emotionally and spiritually. I could write a whole deck on why this is important (and maybe I will).


  1. Be Kind

I’ve had really tough days, both mentally and physically this year. On top of everything else, I lost my lovely mum. Several people reached out & have shown me real care and compassion, which I’m SO grateful for (you know who you are).

Everyone YOU interact with could be going through something similar, so if you can be there for them, please do. At the very least, please cut them a little slack.


  1. Don’t Be Perfect

This post isn’t. There may be a grammatical error or three (Hopefully not too many spelling mistakes). And I’ve seen similar sentiments expressed on LinkedIn, so perhaps it’s not the most original thinking. But it’s honest, and it’s ‘out there’ and I hope it will help me, and maybe some others as we head into 2021. As Seth Godin says “Done is better than perfect!”


Happy New Year 2021 – Let’s hope it’s everything 2020 wasn’t!

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