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Time for a Rebrand.

The existing Coherent brand has done me well. But, with coming out of lockdown, I thought the 1st of April would be a great opportunity to relaunch the Coherent brand. As you know, I believe a brand is transitory, and you should completely change it on a regular basis (every six months ideally) to ‘keep your customers on their toes”

Going back to basics, Coherent is a great brand name, meaning logically or pleasingly ordered, integrated, and having clarity…  but I just felt it was missing something. When looking at the LinkedIn logo, it suddenly dawned on me. IN! IN means cool – I’m IN with the IN crowd, IN means inclusive, IN means, well, not out.

Of course, a brand is about more than just a logo. As well as the fresh new logo, I’ve refined, and simplified my brand positioning.  Instead of Branding, without Bullshit, I’ve condensed this to the ‘snappier’ Branding? Bullshit! I’m sure most people are smart enough to ‘join the dots’!

Typography is important, and I’m refreshing my branding with new typography – bringing back two “old favourites’ Comic Sans (long overdue for a critical assessment, and reappraisal) and another “Classic” beloved by the typography cognoscenti – Papyrus! Coupled with ar “zingy” new colour palette – it’s nothing if not eye-catching.

I’ve taken a long hard look at my “channels” too. Frankly, I don’t think this whole internet thing is anything more than a passing fad. And like all fads and fashions, it’s had it’s day. So my website has got to go. No need. Why have somewhere online where you’re customers can find you, and see your services? And Rather than I’ll be focussing my Social Media efforts on TikTok and FriendsReunited.

So, hopefully, my new brand will be as successful and long-lived as Volkswagens recent change over to “Voltswagen” and just as relevant. Missed that one? Here’s the story.

Download the full Brand Identity PDF, here.



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