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The Cobbler’s Children…


Today is a good day. The cobbler’s children have received new shoes (metaphorically of course). Don’t know what I’m on about? Well, there’s an old saying “The cobbler’s children always go without new shoes”. I’ve recently learned that there are similar phrases in Spanish ” The plumber’s house always has a dripping tap” and “the blacksmith’s house only has wooden spoons” .  Now, there are a number of ways you can read this proverb, but as a business owner, the way I see it is you always put the customer’s business before your own. For two reasons – you want to do fantastic work – and that’s what pays the bills!

So, while my customers have an attractive, modern, responsive website, mine was frankly, a bit crap. And while I prepared wonderful strategy documents about how they should be regularly posting updated content on their blog, and sharing it on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter – I was not following my own advice. This frankly just isn’t good enough. You’ve got walk the walk, not just talk the talk. So expect to see content being posted on a more regular basis. I’m aiming for one blog post a week.

But today is a good day, and the cobbler’s children have got new shoes. And Coherent has got a new website. But the thing about children (as any parent will know) is that they continue to grow. And need new shoes. Similarly, on a regular basis, you should check that your business hasn’t outgrown it current website… If it has, you know who to call!

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