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Masters of Branding – Tommy Cooper

Comedian? Of course. Magician? Kind of.* Master of branding? Huh?

Think about it for two seconds, and it’s pretty obvious. Every time someone sees a fez, they think Tommy Cooper. By adopting something as simple as a distinctive hat, Tommy Cooper immediately stood out, and became memorable.

A naturally funny man, obviously, but it’s more than that, everybody of my generation instantly ‘got’ Tommy Cooper – the tricks that went horribly wrong, and the patter – “Not like that, like that” – a whole genre of jokes that became known as “Tommy Cooper jokes” – his brand was so recognisable that every second-rate impressionist – and 70’s/80’s school kid – had him (and Frank Spencer) in their repertoire! Well, they do say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

So – how do we translate what Tommy did to our business? Be distinctive (with your offer, and your branding) and people will remember you. Stand out. What’s the equivalent of Tommy Cooper’s fez for your business? Something Consistent, Coherent AND Creative? Not sure? Need some help with that? Give me a shout! email:



*Tommy, apparently was a very good magician by all accounts, much respected by his peers in the Magic Circle. Just as his contemporary Les Dawson was an accomplished pianist – you have to know how to do things well, before you can be so good at getting them wrong. Another lesson there, somewhere too…


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