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Getting your business ready for investment

So you’ve got your big idea. You’ve got your business plan. But you need some major investment to get the ball rolling. How do you present your business in the best light? How do you make your idea investable?

Of course, you need to get your basics right. You need a great management team. You need a clear strategy. And you need to present all of this to potential investors in a clear, coherent, easily understandable manner.

This is where I come in. I can help you create, or define your brand, with a clear brand proposition. A brand that will resonate with investors.


A Presentation Document

You will need a presentation document (digital and printed) that shows your proposition in the best light. A document that encapsulates everything you need to share with your investors. A document that allows you to explain the opportunity, your vision, the route to market and your roadmap to get there. And because people function on an emotional, gut feeling level before a logical one, this document needs to look so good the investor will be hooked before they even read the content. Your document needs to inspire confidence.


A Video

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is an order of magnitude higher. You can get your pitch in front of investors much more easily than with video. While a professionally produced video isn’t something you do on a shoestring, you might be surprised at how cost-effective it can be.


Help and Advice

Having been through the process myself, I understand the various stages that you need to go through and give you clear and impartial advice on your strategy. I can point you in the right direction and hook you up with business mentors, trademark and patent attorneys and maybe even investors.


Can I Afford To Do This?

I understand. Money is generally tight, and especially so at the start of a project, before you start generating significant revenue. But to attract the big investment, you have to get your business to an investable stage, You NEED to do this. You NEED to get your ducks in a row. How much do you believe in your idea?


Let’s kick this off
Get in touch, and we can work out what I can do for you, to fit in with your budget, and where I can add the most value to the process. Drop me a line, or give me a ring.

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