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Do you need a BRAND MOT?

It’s that time of year, for me, when the family car needs an MOT. It’s a bit of a pain, and more so when it doesn’t pass, and you’ve got to shell out for new tyres or brake pads.

But it’s important. Important that every car meets the basic requirements of ‘roadworthiness – for everyone’s safety.

Which made me think about branding. Which is never far away from my “top of mind” πŸ™‚ .

Should your brand have an MOT every year? Probably. A check-up, by an expert (me), just to check that everything is running smoothly, as it should. That you’re steering your organisation in the right direction. That you’re on track with your Brand Strategy and all your Brand Identity elements coherently support that strategy. Finally, I’ll check your Brand Communications, and make sure you’re talking to your customers (through your website, emails, social media, etc).


One of the things that is useful when you do have an MOT is the list of “Advisories” – things that don’t need doing to get you through this years test – but will need doing soon – and to keep an eye on. As nothing in your branding will be SO wrong as to be dangerous (I could say it’s dangerous to your business’s survival – but I don’t deal in hyperbole) everything will be an “advisory” – so you can choose what, and when you choose to implement, and when you choose to do it. Of course, as with a garage – you don’t have to choose me to do the work either – but I will give you a clear, no-obligation proposal upfront for any work you may choose to do in the future.

How much?

I think it’s fair to charge for my work – but as a business, you obviously don’t want to be overcharged. My rate for an MOT is in line with what a garage will charge you Β£49 + VAT.

Obviously, if there is any advisory work that needs carrying out, I’d love to do that for you, but there would be no obligation to use me. And I give you my personal guarantee I won’t recommend any work that doesn’t need doing.

What if I pass?

Good for you – I hope you do – and then I hope you’ll see my fee as money well spent – confirmation by an independent branding expert that you’re doing things right. I’ll even send you a Coherent Creative Brand MOT Pass Certificate that you can proudly display in the office!

How do I book my brand in for an MOT?

Just drop me a line here: and we’ll start the ball rolling.




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